Friday, November 24, 2006

Apa 'ni? Lulu Asks

A councilman who operates an illegal satay stall operating with no approved building plan, no business permit and sat on government land without a Temporary Occupational Licence (TOL) is considered "model citizen" enough to be nominated and accepted as a councilman? Yup, only in Bolehland. Bernama reports that MPK Councillors Sworn-in Under Tight Security

KLANG, Nov 24 (Bernama)
The swearing-in ceremony of 18 Klang municipal councillors for the 2006-2008 term was held Friday under tight security, with roads leading to the council (MPK) building here heavily guarded by about 40 policemen and the council's enforcement unit personnel.While policemen, traffic policemen and Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) personnel mounted road blocks at the perimeter of the building, MPK's enforcement unit personnel guarded every access into it and the hall where the swearing-in ceremony took place.The ceremony began at 9am and proceeded without any untoward incident.
gosh... were they expecting protests and prepared themselves for a fracas? Why would they think so if they had appointed candidates of good virtues and fair judgement?
Zainuri, when met after the ceremony, said he was happy and thankful to God that he could finally be sworn in as the ceremony was postponed a few times."I will uphold the good name of MPK and as a councillor, it is not a licence to do things at our whims and fancies," he said, adding that he would give an excellent service befitting the responsibility and confidence entrusted upon him.

yah. Take it from a guy whose family took it as a license to do things at their whims and fancies.


Anonymous said...

Lulu asks, "Why would they think so if they had appointed candidates of good virtues and fair judgment?"

Precisely, you can say it again!

Methinks this is indicative of the state of the (in situ) scorn for the public's intelligence by the poppycock authorities concerned. A state of brashness that is wrought by the decadence that has set in.

And to top up the infamy, invoke "G*d's name as well! His g*d, not other's, i.e. then figures.


Anonymous said...

Actually this is good, 4 it shows the only only true colours of our elected reps. ie de colour of

disbelief in Allah( inspite of all that they say ),contempt,greed, hypocrisy,me I myself, lies, cheats etc etc. Truth hurts but its the truth !

Malaysians are powerless but not so outsiders who I believe will slowly but surely sink the country to oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Hey there is a shortage of trustworthy (sic) UMNO people in Selangor that the MB /OMNO had to nominate TWO people from the same family to be councillors in Klang.
The objective of having nominated (as opposed to elected)local councillors is to prevent the stupid rakyat from electing unqualified, biased, corrupt and diverse candidates who will best represent their interests-so who is for elected local government now? The MB/UMNO/KJ must think that Klang deserves the worst type of representation.

Anonymous said...

It is hard for any decent ppl to understand what is overboardedly indecent and unprincipled but enabled by a very mediocre and neofeudalistic society.