Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lulu's Posting an Undur LAH banner

have you seen them before?

It's from the same guy who did "Dah Benci Kot", "Che Det" and "Dollah Kaki Tidur in While You Were Sleeping".
He blogs at . Check it out. He has a lot of other funny banners.

Lulu still has not decided if she wants PakLah out or not.
A stronger opposition - definitely
BN lose the 2/3 - definitely
needless to say, no more Oyster Fried Mi Hun.
but Pak Lah out? still pondering. One of them has to be IT. Are we in a from the frying pan into the fire / between the devil and the deep blue sea situation? Is it better the devil you know than the one you don't?
Lulu still stuck on this.


Jorami Ibni Karakhani said...

Lulu, my dear, as you know due to the tremendous pressure placed by the many pro-Tun Mamak Kangkang bloggers, Pak Lah a.k.a. Undur LAH has caved-in to popular demand and decided to hold a pow-wow with Tun himself. Venue to be decided but definitely before Eid Al-Fitr.

I have consulted with an UMNO veteran, and according to him, the meeting have already been scripted out and the meeting is merely a 'wayang kulit' to satisfy Tun Mamak Kangkang i.e. to show Malaysians who's the real ringmaster of the UMNO circus.

The script calls for both of them to emerge from the meeting making a joint announcement, while 'senyum kambing', that the Government will i.e. the taxpayers WILL, repurchase Agusta for RM1.....along with it's Euro 70 million or RM315 million debt (compounded). They will express their confidence that Proton, earnings denominated in Ringgit, can meet Agusta's Euro denominated financial obligations. Doh!

Further more, the Crooked Bridge would be built, come hell or high water. Dream On, Singapore! The UMNO veteran, a S*nd N*gg* himself, has revealed that PM Lee Hsien Loong has verbally agreed to it!

Turns out PM Lee has decided to drop altogether Singapore's request for access to M'sian airspace and sand. In fact, to commemorate the event of building the Crooked Bridge, he will propose to the S'pore Parliament to change S'pore's name to Ledang Pura. Rumour has it that Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar bin Syed Nor Al-Bukhary will officially open the S'pore Parliamentary sitting, in which the proposal is to be tabled.

Now the only demands imposed by the Ledang Purians for the building of the Crooked Bridge are the following.....
1. 7 plates full of Roti Canai;
2. 7 barrels full of Teh Tarik;
3. A bowl of blood each from Sultan Mahmud Sh.....(eh, sorry le ente, ana sudah silap).....I meant from Tun Mamak Kangkang and his three sons.

Whoops. I Did It Again.

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