Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lulu's Going On a Diet - No More Oyster Fried Mihun

Lulu is determined to not to see Oyster Fried Mihun get through the next GE. Time to order something different. Not that I ordered it the 1st 2 rounds. I didn't, but I've had to stomach it.

I first heard this term "hoe-si chow mei fun" during the last GE when I was makan-ing at the corner coffee shop near the SEA Park Market. The ladies at the stall were chatting about the upcoming GE, and one of them asked the other, "Who are you going to vote?" The lady replied, "hoe-si chow mei fun".

and indeed, they voted for them, and they were returned for the 2nd term.

Lulu was VERY disappointed with the voters who voted this lady who acts more like a State Assemblyman that a Member of Parliament.

An MP, as part of the ultimate legislative body in Malaysia, is responsible for passing, amending and repealing acts of law. They set the direction for the nation.
But what does this lady do?
Well, we'll be keeping watch, all the way to the next GE, on her activities.
I'll try to post her appearances in the papers in my diet blog Lulu's Diet Plan - No More Oyster Fried Mihun .

This is the area under MBPJ.
My voting constituency is the one which is yellow.

Turnout: 20,616 (66.8%)
>> * Wong Sai Hou (BN - MCA) 11,979
Maj: 3612

Turnout: 50,420 (66.4%)
>> * Chew Mei Fun (BN - MCA) 32,422


Lau Weng San said...

Chew Mei Fun can be a good councillor and not an MP, not even an ADUN.

The most she can be is the PJ Mayor. That's the best she can be.

Anonymous said...

PJ Mayor? You are very generous to give her a high status. To me - she can be a major and not mayor of the Salvation Army. She is only doing SOCIAL/Community Work - Cleaning the parks, fixing up things that are supposed to be done by the councils and government departments and also cleaning up the left overs like doggie shit bags