Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lulu's Counting the Months

no, whatalulu's not pregnant. i'm merely counting the months to see how far Bapa Mertua can delay the Umno polls.

Thanks to a
response in The Scribe's Posting,
Pemilihan Umno yang lepas adalah pada 25/09/2004 untuk penggal 2004-2007.
Ini bermakna, pemilihan seterusnya pada 24/09/2007.
Namun jika penangguhan dilakukan,tarikh akhir pemilihan harus diadakan adalah pada 24/5/2009
Tarikh akhir pilihan raya adalah pada Mac 2009.

hmm... so, the deadline is actually supposed to be a year from now.
but they're allowed to delay it for up to 20 months.


The kaki bodeks have been quoted as postponing the polls to focus on the 9MP.Both
The Star and NST reports this from different sources.

yah. so noble. Could it be that they wanna make sure they give out the 9MP $$ first and hand in hand with that, fill up the war chest.

Uncle Kit's observation on the postponement is to carry out “house-cleaning” by dropping Umno stalwarts arrayed against him as candidates, whether parliamentary or state assembly.

Lulu's theory?
Theory only-ah...

Running a general election so close to the Umno elections would be a very costly affair.
To spend great amount of money at one go would really dent their war-chest.

Even Umno is aware and not denying the money politics element in their elections.
The Star reports that Information chief Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib as being "glad that with the postponement there would be no time wasted on the makan-makan and lawat sambil belajar trips as well as the jumpa-jumpa sessions to garner support from the branches, right up to the supreme council level. "

even in a simple casting of votes to determine the delegates to be sent to the Umno General Assembly, there has been reports of
dirty tricks and money politics.

This is taken from an
IPS report of the Umno Elections in 2004.

''And this was borne out during this year's UMNO election. Much as some leaders and delegates refuse to acknowledge publicly that money was passed from some candidates to delegates, deep down, they know that this did happen,'' added Kalimullah. A veteran UMNO party official raised eyebrows on Tuesday by claiming that money politics was the worst he had seen during his more than three decades in various high positions. The term 'money politics' in the context of UMNO party elections is often a euphemism for vote-buying or the promise of doling out patronage in return for votes.

This is just the costs for an Umno elections.
Can you imagine how much money is spent when running for a State or Parliament seat?

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Maverick SM said...

Your theory will work...

Those asses, they fear and presumed they will fail and postponement gives them extra months to get something out and done!!!