Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lulu Wonders Why the Mat Rempits Resort To Attacking Police Station

to protest the arrest of their 2 fellow rempits. Why get your hands dirty when you can call your #1 supporter's #1 running dog?

This is Dato' Azeez "not caught in the vice raid at the Holiday Villa" Abdul Rahman.
don't you know...., when the police raided the hotel back in Dec last year, this kindly Putera went to "help" a friend who was arrested, and was mistakenly thought as being one of those who were arrested.

Call him-la. Afterall, you all are Mat Cemerlangs in his eyes. He will "help" you. Tak payah kejar polis and baling batu.

Whilst we are at it, a bit more stuff about Azeez here in an interview with Joceline Tan of The Star.
Azeez had returned on the same flight as deputy Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin whom he described as “my boss.”
He was to utter Khairy's name at least 20 more times during the interview, often in the same breath as that of Umno Youth leader Datuk Hishammuddin Hussein Onn and, of course, the Umno president and deputy president.
“My bosses,” that was how he referred to them.

For instance, Puteri Umno treasurer Suraya Yaakob who is from Kedah had heard of him from her Puteri girls in Baling.
“Even the first time we met, he was not shy about telling us how much money he had and he showed us his pistol. He also offered to help sponsor some of my programmes. But I could see he was very energetic and hard-working,” said Suraya.

And a bit more about his Masters from the prestigious Preston University.

Fun stuff, ya?
but it's scary to think that he may be a future leader of the nation.


Anonymous said...

nah dun tink so!

he will never b, bcoz BM will soon be out.... trust me

What A Lulu said...

if only PM could be less spineless, more strong willed.
he's a nice guy, but too weak. look at his press statements, so lulu. even a birdbrained like me can make these wishy-washy statements.
i too think he will be out. a victim of his own "success". anything below 92%, and the wolves will use it to start a bisik campaign.
and i pity him, and nori. his "loyalists" are going to "love" him as much as they do dr.m, and they did the tunku and tun h. w/out that kind of backing, would SIL still care for her?

Anonymous said...

It is the people's choice, KJ, Mat Rempit or "the others" for PM? Let's vote. I would choose the others even though I do not know thw consequences. At least it looks like a less risky decision than the remaining two. I am wondering if KJ will make any Mat Rempit becomes the tranport minister if he ever get elected?

PM and KJ, election is not far from now, do what you can before you sink even further.

Maverick SM said...

There is no light after the tunnel; if you see one, it's the on coming train.

Anonymous said...

Well said, mave. But maybe there is no need for us to go in to the tunnel?