Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lulu Welcomes You To S'gor With A Tale of (at least) 2 Mansions and 2 Churches

of late, the it has been revealed that the custodians of the State, the appointed councilmen have been less than honest.
They think that it is their politically given right to build mansions without going through the proper channels.
So, they go ahead and build their mansions without any approval.

Let Lulu tell you a story of 2 churches.
Church #1
This is located near the funeral parlour which was operating illegally even after Citizen Nades lodged reports with the Majlis, had photo evidence on illegal kickbacks. That's another story.
Back to the church.
Being a God fearing church, construction started (but of course!) only after all the municipal approval was done.
However, 1 year plus later after the building was completed, they are still unable to get the CFs. The worshippers are still unable to use their church building.

Church #2
In the early days of Subang Jaya, the late Sultan, the father of our current Sultan, made a visit to this new township. HRH noticed that there was no church in this township, and requested that a piece of land be set aside for religious purposes.
25 years down the road, the Subang population has since increased exponentially, the church has submitted plans for renovation. The plans have been approved by the local council but subject to clearance by the Islamic Council.

Lulu doesn't understand all these additional conditions.
In Church #2, clearance by the Islamic Council is definitly something new.

Sometimes, people think that by bullying, we will become weaker.
Guess they don't know that obeying God sometimes results in unjust suffering, but suffering for God produces perseverance, character and hope.

And Lulu has hope.

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