Monday, October 16, 2006

Lulu Wants To STAND UP Against Poverty

The world came together on Oct. 15-16 and STAND UP to remind their governments that promises to achieve the MDGs, and help the billions of people living in extreme poverty.

I checked out their site, In M'sia, someone from Sarikei hosted a STAND UP protest.

There were events held worldwide, some big and glamorous, others more simple but just as sincere.

This got Lulu wondering...

In this nation of mine (yes, it's still mine even though i'm continuosly reminded that i'm a pendatang), other than UMNO Youth, if any one else were to organise it, be it a party within BN, the opposition or an NGO, they would be branded as racist, seditious and forgot what-other-parroting-words-are-used.

Sad, isn't it?

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mob1900 said...

Mobo thinks Lulu will be very dissapointed as AMNO has made themselves Gods here in this country. No amount of protest and Gandhi-like vigil could bring this trash heap of Greed and Bigotry coalition to its knees. Actually I would refer the coalition as the real 'Axis of Evil' afterall we have our own 'Dubya' in Bodowi aka 'Bubya'. lolx