Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Lulu Thinks KJ Doesn't Understand What He's Saying

He was speaking to reporters after opening the MSC Malaysian business and ideas enhancement workshops organised by Umno Youth and the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC).

on one hand, he's saying
Bumiputras should be given priority in new sectors such as biotechnology and information communications technology (ICT), to ensure they are not left behind

however, in a speech during the opening, he said
“We do not want handouts but the opportunity to succeed on a much more level playing field,”

You don't want hand-outs, but you want to be given priority?

Maybe you meant that "Bumiputras should give priority in new sectors such as biotechnology and information communications technology (ICT), to ensure they are not left behind"?

There is a world of difference between "should be given priority" and "should give priority".
Being given priority is as good as asking for hand-outs.

I end with the paragraph below. It is taken from a local discussion forum. Is this the sort of "priority" that he is asking for?

My wife and I started a company 10 years ago.
No help from any govd. dept.
We mortgage our only house that we bought while employed, to finance the business. After so much of hard work, sacrifice and progress we decided to apply for own license.
We are qualified in every aspect. We are a good tax payer too.
We were assured a license with condition:
1.My wife should step down as a director and give away her shares i.e. 50.0%
2.My shares be reduced to 40.00%
3.Appoint 2 bumiputra directors with 30.00% shares each i.e. total 60.0%
4.60.00% of the managers, executives and clerks of the company must be bumiputras .
5.Salary and EPF statement of all the employees must be submitted to licensing body on a yearly basis to make sure the bumiputras are paid more or equal to the non-bumiputras.
6.Many other conditions not favorable to non-bumiputra.
If this not discrimination and marginalisation, then what shall we call this?


lucia said...

and to think this boy is an oxford student - his england would have been good. :)

why should bumi be given priority in the first place? they still need to be spoon-fed? if bumis are given priority over non bumis, doesn't that means non bumi lose out, non bumi are marginalised?

oh great, dear SIL. thanks for confirming bumis cannot go far without handouts AND non bumis are marginalised.

Maverick SM said...

Language is a powerful tool, and oxford boy is optimising it.

Nowadays, corruption don't exist anymore..it is already legalised and it's called commission and agency fees.

Level playing field? where? who is unlevel? The irony is that the other community is not granted a level playing field and yet they could succeed. Therefore, they are preaching that the field should be further tilted so that those marginalised who had succeeded should be further burdened in order for the lazy bargers to catch up.

Anonymous said...

Y'know I just don't feel right with this guy. Ever since the ECM Libra shares thingy. Then the Mat Rempit rebranding (by the way, he has not been talking about the Mat Rempits lately, eh?).

Expect many more interesting (and disturbing) quotes from him. This guy's a racist.

Anonymous said...

KJ is just plain dumb. Ego talk. Just trying too hard to impress but making a fool of himself. What a clown.

toniXe said...

Amazing isn't it that a stupid boy like him can be in the limelight for so long. Any other place ( n time ) he would have been swiftly massacred ! ok ok this is Malaysia in 2006.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i think the bumis should go for some major self-esteem overhaul to deal with their inferiority complex esp since they believed the lie that they are indeed 'stupid, lazy, etc' as per "The Malay Dilemma". The real dilemma is one of perception. As with many things, as raja petra likes to say, perception is reality. :D

mob1900 said...

To the couple who applied for business license, it's called:

Apartheid/Nazi/Fascism or plain simple 'ROBBERY'.