Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lulu Tells a Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a boy.
There was nothing wrong with this boy, only that he was a bit slow in class.
It wasn't his fault - he just had a late start.
And the kind-ly teachers noticed it.
so, they thought amongst themselves,
hmmm... how can we help this boy?
i know! one of them exclaimed.
let's set up a remedial class for him, and other boys like him.
so, a remedial class was set up, and he joins.
he was given the best teachers.
he also had a "kinder" marking scheme, and a more flexible grading curve.
and to his credit, the boy did work hard.
he made his way to the top of his remedial class, and was on par with the other kids in the "normal" class.
the teachers assesed the situation.
it's time for him to go to a normal class.
he doesn't need this remedial class anymore.
he's already doing so well.

he can cope.
he'd be spurred to excel and be more competitive.
his place can be taken by that new boy who is struggling to read in my class.

WE have a success story!
no! his parents screamed.
he is still a failure.
you can't move him out of there.
why do i need to listen to you? i know better. you listen to me.
and so, the parents fight it like crazy.
the teachers are torn.
they fear the reaction of the boys parents, for they are able to organise the masses to do nasty things to the school.
but there is a boy out there who needs it more.
so how?
new boy ..., stay focus on the purpose
safety and security ...
new boy ..., stay focus on the purpose

safety and security ...
new boy ..., stay focus on the purpose

safety and security ...

and while all this is going on, the boy begins to believe that he can't do it out there.
that he needs this remedial class

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