Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lulu Refuses To Confuse Herself

Lulu's old workplace was slightly more progressive

Recognising the many different races and nationalities in the company, one of the [for lack of a better word] training that we had was "Global Cultural Interchange".

In this session, we learnt more about each other's culture and in a sense thinking.

A lesson that I remember, even up to today is this.

Imagine, you bangun tengah malam. Your house is bring robbed. What would your neighbour do?

In my discussion group, we agreed that our Malay neighbour would get up and help. The Chinese neighbour would buat tak tahu. Apologies to my Indian friends, I forgot what an Indian community would do.

The point is that the Malay is always ever ready to help. Only the Malays would be able to hold a "no monetary reward, no publicity" community gotong royong.
When Lulu had a punctured tyre and had to pull over the side of Federal Highway, it was a kind PakCik who pulled over to help.

The sad thing is, many of us have forgot that, and have confused the Malays with UMNO.
And we blame the race for the shameless greed which takes place in the country.

They are as much, if not, more, the victims of greedy people.
The UMNOputeras placate them with miserable handouts, be it the ASN, scholarships, lower grading curve and 7% discounts. But the big stuff, the megabucks have been hoarded by the puteras of the party, not the puteras of the soil.

The tindasan is not only towards other races, but even within their own.
the high profile case in the news now is the silly stupid greedy super-scared assemblyman of PortKlang who awarded himself 8 plots of land amidst a squatter kampong to himself. To put it plainly, he deprived at least 7 other Malay families of that land.
The land which is currently occupied by Ken Damansara and that building with a San Francisco steakhouse used to be squatter land. As the squatters were being evicted, THEY came to the kampung and charged them 10-20K to process and guarantee them a flat when the low-cost units come up. Those who didn't pay found their names suddenly missing from the placement.

What can you and I do about it?

We have to rid ourselves of our anger with the Malays.
We need to continue and develop our friendship with everyone and anyone regardless of race.
If you have the opportunity, discuss current events. Don't have to discuss NEP, but discuss the blatant wrongdoing of our govt. With our current govt, you won't run out of tings to talk about.
Discuss how we can make a difference.
Don't push your agenda and insist that you are right. Listen. Discuss.
Teach that to our children too.

I understand the frustration felt by many. That is one of the reasons why I blog. But these frustrations need to be turned to our own form of affirmative action. Let's do something about it in our own spheres, be it in your workplace, college or school.


lucia said...

very well said, lulu! agree with you fully. we should not lump ALL malays as the greedy, arrogant, racists, etc. ones. it's the UMNOputeras who are giving a bad name to the malay race.

i do feel too the malays are more helpful than the chinese. chinese are usually self-centred and has this 'tidak apa' attitude. they are less likely to help in risky or dangerous situation.

i also find that through my experience among civil servants, the malays are more polite and helpful.

yes, you offer a good advise - 'we have to rid ourselves of our anger (and i would say stereotype) of the malays.

carboncopy said...

Talking about greed, I think Chinese is among the greediest.

I concur with your observation too, lulu.

Maverick SM said...

I do agree with you, Lulu; not absolute, in general.

By culture and values, the ordinary Malays are kind and hospitable towards others. The Chinese, except those from the new village, are generally self-centered and paranoid. Sometimes, it's not about not helping; they feared it's a ploy, often heard of in the news.

However, I am in agreement that ordinary Malays are more caring and humble. But, not the UMNO Bigheads and the rich Malays. Seldom I see a rich Malay acted in such kind manners.

ItchyMicchi said...

for a self-proclaimed lulu, you are gracious and rational. i'm happy to have found your blog :D

Sofia Rehan said...

yup.. couldn't agree with you more. i think all of us can live happily no matter who we are, if not for the (some) corrupted leaders.