Friday, October 13, 2006

Lulu Quotes a Response From a Promuda Discussion
This is a quote of a quote

But referring back to what Don said about ourMinisters having low salaries - reminds me of ananecdote that was related in one of the footnotes ofone of K.S. Jomo's book (which to me, showed howcandid the late Tun Ghafar Baba was):

"For example, in mid-1987, the Deputy Prime Minister,Ghafar Baba addressed the annual meeting of theBumiputra Contractors Association, expecting an enthusiastic response to one of his announcements,relating to the Bumiputras.

Instead, his all-Malay audience ignored his announcement, choosing to press him on why the most competitive and lowest bids or tenders for government contracts restricted to Bumiputras were often unsuccesfful.

After futile attempts at dodging the basic thrust of the questions, Ghafar "explained" that existing allowances for State Assemblymen and Members ofParliament were insufficient; and hence their income has to be supplemented by preferential access to lucrative Government contracts".

The late Tun Ghafar Baba said the above when he was in the position of Deputy Prime Minister in 1987 -probably one of the most disturbing admissions by a Deputy Prime Minister in office, ever.

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toniXe said...

I thought people now across the length and breadth ( save for some orang asli in the jungles and some headhaircloth clad morons in the kampongs )of the country already know that 99.8% of the BN and 88% of the opposition politicians are corrupt with no morals ?

Malaysia is now defintely a case of the survival of the corruptest !

So what Ghafar Baba or LimKS( or LeeKY) say really doesn't matter !