Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lulu Ponders Over RM20mil

from The Star's Updates

I don't know exactly how many families would benefit with this 20mil set aside for them.
According to Dato' Mustapha Mohamed at in a dialogue at the UN, 5% of Malaysia's population (26.64mil per Jabatan Perangkaan) = 1.33mil Malaysians live below the poverty line. I am not sure if this is the money meant for them or not. Let's say, 1 family - 2parents+5 children. This would work out to about 190,000 families, which in turn works out to RM105 a family??? And this does not include all "administration costs" which our Little Napoleons are so known for.
#This is no ASLI research, only a Lulu doing simple math.

Anyway, the generosity of this RM20 mil is nothing compared to the RM20mil given to secure the safety of this one man, aka Bapa Mertua


Anonymous said...

Lulu, I am impressed with your mathematical skills. Bear in mind that not many in our country still have such capability to solve a tough equation like this after they revamped the education system and upgraded MARA to UiTM. I think people will be happy with just the figure "20mil", anyway, let's see how the pie is going to be divided, how much and who is getting the pie? So transparent that the data is invisible to the public?

Anonymous said...

That's a nice words they put up there isn't it? "TO ERADICATE POVERTY"

Well, o2deprivation, it is her analytical skill that I'm impressed. While many can do simple maths, but not many can analyse facts of figures.