Monday, October 23, 2006

Lulu is AMAZED That Rela Has More Powers Than The Police

Even the police woud require a warrant to masuk, i would think.
but no, RELA tak payah.

A Rela spokesman, in refuting the allegations, said they were empowered to forcibly enter the premises of dwellings if the calls by the officers were unheeded.
"We do not need a warrant to enter and search their premises, as provided by law. "
Our officers had done so after knocks on the doors went unanswered or the occupants refused to open them," he said.
In any case, the spokesman added, Rela was investigating the allegations to ascertain if any of their men had abused their powers.
The raid, he said, was headed by Selangor Rela director Hairi Mohamad Alwii in the presence of Immigration Department and National Registration Department officers.
This was the RELA response on the incident last weekend.

The shameful things they did at Taman Alam Jaya, Cheras
1. the locks to their front doors were broken by Rela members
2 missing belongings.
3.a Rela member tugged at the shirt of his father, Woo Kok Ching, 68.

is there really an AKTA which allows them into your house unwarranted?
do we really need this bunch of legalised vigilantes in Msia?


lucia said...

these rela members are nothing but stupid arrogant bastards!!! DAMN THEM!! this is only one case of how arrogant they are, abusing thier power. remember the 'duck walk' they asked some illegals workers to do? i'm sure others could recall many other instances.

"do we really need this bunch of legalised vigilantes in Msia?"

definetely no!! to hell with them!!

(sorry. seems like i was bitten by the angry bug. first about the councillors and now this. it's gonna be a fuming 3 days of hols for me!)

carboncopy said...

Actually, Police don't need warrant to enter premise "if the police believe that the suspect is about to dispose or destroy evidence".

And it is "not hard" (read as EASY) for the Polis Raja Di Malaysia to do that.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we are slowly becoming lawless. This in historical terms means a transition in power is imminent....

carboncopy said...

Those in power have no regards for the rule of law. Look at how the Ministry of Education discriminate Malaysian citizens who have half non-Malaysian parentage, which is a blatant disregard of the Constitution. The clandestine eviction and demolition of squatters without court order. And the list goes on.

tonixe, transition in power? From Pak Lah to another crook maybe. From BN to another party, I would say not, though I hope that there's a possibility.

Eway said...

Rela- thugs in uniforms? They must have watched too many cop-robbers shows. It must be their "wet dream" to work as real policemen... Then they can do what they want more often. On real criminals too!!!

We probably need to pressure the MPs to change the law to reduce their powers IF they cannot control themselves.

praveen said...

I live around that area as well..thank goodness they didnt try their tricks on us. They acted very brashly and yeap..just like thugs...wonder what they think of themselves??

Anonymous said...

not everybody(gov body,organisation) were perfect,as it was a peak of iceberg,why do rela been attack always,too shy to comment on pdrm?we done our part to ensure illegal immigrant were out of malaysia,due to:criminal commit were hard to trace,can't identify,offen here cause of money,may rob if jobless.again,not all of them were bad! right,some are like saint too.ha...hha