Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lulu Idamkan Istana Impian

Don't know if Tun Ghafar Baba forgot to include this in the other "benefits" given out to State Assemblymens and Member of Parliaments.

He and his wife paid RM180K for a 43,000 sq ft of land. This works out to RM4.186/sf. NST states that the current market value of the 43,000 sq ft property is about RM1.3 million based on the lower end of the going rate for land in the area of between RM30 and RM40.

The land was originally in eight small lots with temporary occupation licence status. This would also mean that he has deprived 7 other families of a home. FOr someone who is elected as a state assemblyman, he is supposed to take care of the welfare of his constituents, not take from them. Shame on him!

Teng Chang Khim, state assemblyman for Sg Pinang had highlighted it as early as February 22, 2006.

If it were true that the mansion belongs to Zakaria, he would be obliged to explain to the people as to how did he manage to amass the wealth to afford him the palace within less than 2 terms as elected representative. The official record shows that at present Zakaria still lives in a low cost (but well-decorated) house in Kampong Idaman itself. It will be a multiple jump in status for him, or anyone for the matter, to shift to the palace from a low cost house. The Anti Corruption Agency and the Income Tax Department should immediately conduct an investigation. A simple calculation, as has always been applied by the Income Tax Department on the tax evaders, will give the people a prompt answer to the doubt.

We also observed that there was no signboard stating the title of the land, the owner, the contractor, the plan approval date and other construction information as required by the local authority to be put up at the construction site. On prime facie, this is a construction without approved building plan as required by the building by-laws and the local authority has the power to demolish the bungalow for the breach.

This was reported in the Chinese Press the following day.

Teng follows up with another 3 posts. Do read it at his blog. Teng pursued it in Feb. It was in the Chinese papers. He logged reports with IRB and ACA, and nothing happened. Eight months later, it has surfaced again. My guess is that he (Zakaria) must have been betrayed from within.

THe Star has quite an interesting write-up on the kesian Klang Council President. He's now jittery after a phone call - a rough voice told him: “You know the plans have been submitted.”

The American Dream is the belief that hard work can lead to a better life, usually through the earnings of money.

The Malaysian Dream is the belief that if you join the correct party, "perjuang"ing the correct hak and being elected even to the minor-est post can lead to a better life.

Don't believe me? Look at your State Assemblyman. Look at your MP. Look at your local municipal.

HOw will this saga end? Lulu thinks that our "clean" Selangor MB would classify it as "technically right but morally wrong", and shove it under the table. I hope to be proven wrong.


toniXe said...

I hope to gather enough bullets for you to work with the right people to put Toyo ( de worst one among the very corrupt in de only (corrupt) Developed State ), first out of office, next behind bars.

What say you ?

What A Lulu said...

tis quite a tough call.
ex-s'gor mb(s) also not known for their integrity still running around town.
others can sing till the cows go home. it's still very much up to THE party to squeal on their own.
drop me a mail with what you have.

lucia said...

fine him? if he's rich enough to build a mansion, a fine is peanuts to him. i say demolish his mansion!! after all that was what they did to those poor people who set up small structures without approval from the council.