Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lulu Also Offer Klang UMNO Help On How To Think

The Klang Umno division rallied behind its chief Datuk Zakaria Md Deros with a show of support and loyalty, claiming that he had been “sabotaged” by the Opposition.
“The entire thing is the work of the Opposition to discredit him."

You were referring to the guy whose face you slapped?

the people you were telling "Cina balik"?

Teng brought it up months and months ago. Nobody cared.
NOw that the Port Klang exco selection is being done, tiba-tiba terbongkar.
Come out in the major newspapers some more.
All four languages pun ada coverage.
Do you seriouly think that Teng has so much clout to do this?
Think about it.

Doesn't it seem like he was exposed by one of your own?
That you have a musuh di sebalik selimut?
Could it be that ONE of you got jealous of Zakaria. Cannot tahan that all the goodies was going to his family, and brought his baggage to whichever press which was looking for a scoop?

WHo could the players be?
division information chief Shoimi Shafie
deputy chairman Datuk Mazlynoor Abdul Latiff?
division Wanita chief Senator Datin Paduka Norhayati Onn Ismail?
acting Youth chief Zainuri, who is Zakaria’s son?
division treasurer Datuk Azman Othman Salleh?
division committee member, Mohd Nasir Chanadin?
division secretary Ishak Mohd Jonid ?

Is it the guy sitting on your left, or right? The guy who smiled at you tadi? The one you jemaah and sedekah with?

Scary isn't it, not knowing who the enemy within is?


1. you guys are supposed to be the good guys. Doesn't look good when you come out looking like thugs, pushing people and making stupid remarks. Handle the problem gracefully and with dignity. You'll score more points that way.

2. m bakri musa has somthing to say about it. If Lulu were to say it, you'd ask me to "Cina Balik". I'm not saying it. M Bakri Musa is saying it. Argue it with him. not me.


AceOne said...

What A Lulu. The name so nice to hear. I like!! I like. wakakaka!.Wah..you write so well memang got bakat la. Can ajar sikit tactic anot?

lucia said...

indeed m. bakri musa said it all. those umnoputeras are really ugly malays... very ugly.

Anonymous said...

actually the guy tohether with u in Genting lah !

...also with u in hadyai one....

Maverick SM said...

Your suggestions are fantastic.

Ya, I read Bakri's post too and I agree with you; as Chinese I can't used words that Bakri used.

mmudahlupa said...

ya, it's interesting to read Bakri Musa, Din Merican esp. on their exchanges.not forgetting Farish A. Noor, a political scientist.they are all fantastic writers.

Anak Merdeka said...

Lulu boleh! I too find Bakri's article very interesting. He said it for us kaum pendatangs what we are not allowed to say in Bolehland, just wish there are more like him here.