Monday, October 23, 2006

DrM Meets Pak Lah - Lulu Gives A Quiz

do you notice how these M'sian peace talks tend to end with the 2 (or more) parties having their own press conference?

from the transcript of Dr M's press conference,

Q: How did the Prime Minister react when you said you would continue criticising?
A: He didn’t say anything.

Q: Did you get the replies to the issues you raised?
A: Not all.

What was Pak Lah's strategy?
a. No official responses, no commitments so no need to take action lor
b. Pak Lah was practising his elegant silence
c. No Level 4 to advise him, so no idea what is going on
d. Meeting was bugged, but earpiece feed from Level 4 to PakLah's ear not working. Hence, no response
e. DrM asyik-asyik cakap, tak sedar Pak Lah sudah tertidur.

Take your pick.


carboncopy said...

Iyo, you give very inviting choices. Hard to pilih. Anyway, this is my choice:

c. No Level 4 to advise him, no idea what is going on

Anonymous said...

very funny indeed, but as i expected !

I think he still misses the wife lah....

Maverick SM said...

Lulu, wah your 5-point strategy very keng!!!