Monday, September 18, 2006

Lulu Laughs - PM: I'm in control

are you sure?

your son-in-law stirs dissent in Penang. PM tells them all to shut up, but they go on and on and on...

and it's contagious.

Then Kepong Umno division wants the MCA to contest the Kepong parliamentary seat now held by the DAP in the next general election.
so noble???
nah.. it's in exchange for Bdr Tun Razak.

the math of it?
Umno +1 @ Bdr Tun Razak
MCA -1 @ Bdr Tun Razak, +1 @ Kepong, sum 0
Gerakan -1 @ Kepong

you think you're in control?

this is only one of the many signs you're out of control.

wanna try another one?
how about former stateman unable to secure enough votes to be a delegate in the next perhimpunan umno?
we're talking about an man who was PM for 22 years, can't even secure enough support from his home-branch to be top 7? from a branch which he has been a part of for almost all his life?

man... if you're in control, that's even more frightening.

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toniXe said...

LOL ! He's sure in control. He's getting sicker by the day.